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About Walkies

Walkies Bridgnorth is a local based professional pet care service dedicated to looking after your pets every need.

We provide Bridgnorth with daily dog walks that are affordable, reliable and fun. We love the journeys we go on with our dogs and it that is clearly reflected with all the dogs that walk with us. If you are looking for reliable, affordable and personalized pet care and dog walking you found the right place! We are a fully Insured Pet Care Service, dedicated to keeping your pets happy. Private walks or house visits are perfect for our friends that need that special playtime and affection, aggressive dogs, dogs with health conditions, or elderly dogs.

Your dog will enjoy a neighbourhood walk or visit in the company of the same professional every visit. We believe your dog should see the same face as frequently as possible to develop a comfort and bond with their service professional. Of course, you can look forward to a daily update email from our team member describing the days journey and a gps mapped image of the walk too!

Why walking your dog matters

Why is it so important to walk your dog? Many dog owners are so busy, it’s hard enough to fit in potty time, feeding time and snuggle time.

Yet, without daily walking, dogs become anxious and are prone to develop behaviour problems. Exercise (walking) is the most important part of a dog’s health. In the wild, dogs roam for miles every day and that natural instinct to roam is still present in all dogs — even yours. All dogs have different levels of energy — but even dogs with the lowest amount of energy need at least an hour of continuous exercise a day, most experts agree.

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Through regular walking, many behaviour issues can begin to be resolved — after a long walk, your dog is in a calm state of mind and is more receptive to training and behaviour corrections.



Dog Walking Service

Working long hours and not being able to walk your dog is a reflection on modern life. At Walkies we aim to provide an exceptional dog walking service that you can rely on whatever the weather.

Dogs will be walked at different locations locally, this gives your dog a different experience each walk and some variety.

We can accommodate for the most excitable dogs who love to play with others whilst also accommodating for quieter dogs.

Dogs will be collected either on foot or transported by car by one of our dog walkers.

We can pick a dog up from home or office. We also offer a dog taxi service if your pet needs to be dropped off at a different location.

Pet Visiting

This service allows your pet to continue their usual routine and remain secure and happy in their own home.

The Pet Visiting service is great for pets who have to be given medication throughout the day or just for people who want their dogs to be let out for a run.

Pet Sitting

When you’re booking a holiday no need to worry about your pet!

Pet Sitting services are offered to our customers on the basis that our sitters will come to the location where the dog is kept or the dog will come and stay with one of our sitters.

A consultation can be arranged for you to meet the sitter and likewise for the sitter to meet your dog before you jet off.

Whilst you’re away your dog will be walked daily with one of our dog walkers.

Puppy Visits

The first few months with your puppy are full of precious memories, but they can also be chaotic and time consuming. They can’t be left on their own for too long when you’re at work!

We adore puppies and we’d love to help out in the weeks before they’re old enough to be walked outside and get them into good habits.



Dog Walking Pet Visiting Puppy Visits
30 Minutes £5.00 £4.00 £5.00
1 Hour £8.00 £7.00 £8.00
2 Hours £15.00 £14.00 £15.00
More than 2 Hours Call 07527020294
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Call 07527020294
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Call 07527020294
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Who does the walking?
The walking will always be done by myself. I am 23 years old currently a student at the university of Worcester living at home in Bridgnorth.

What experience do you have with dogs?
I have grown up around dogs all my life. I really got a concept of dog obedience when I got my current dog that is a patterdale terrier. For years we had Labradors and mixed breed dogs that were “low energy dogs” and wouldn’t do a thing wrong but my terrier was very disruptive. He would chew he would whine, anything to cause disruption. This is when we decided to attend obedience classes. At the classes I learnt a lot of stuff but most of it very simple. The biggest lesson I learnt was that a lot of dogs are unhappy due to lack of exercise. I learnt that my dog needed a longer walk than provided I also learnt that I was reflecting bad habits on to my dog what made him agitated. I brought books and books on dog behaviour and psychology (a big fan of Cesar Milan) I still look for as much reading material I can find on dog psychology often using the computer at university (what I attend 1 day and a half a week).
Do dogs get walked alone or in groups?
I can walk the dogs solo or in a group depends on the dogs themselves and what the owners feel best. I do find that dogs that are walked in a pack have more balanced behaviour they also tend to tire out more playing with the other dogs and get more out of the walk. I tend to bring my little terrier with me to most walks. He is very sociable but if owners feel their dogs should be walked on their own this shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you walk on leads or without?
It normally takes a few sessions for me to walk the dogs off lead unless I’m in a location where I know the dogs cannot run off in to danger (enclosed area). Dogs tend to run off when feeling unsure about a situation but once they get to know there walker this shouldn’t be an issue. The owner of the dog may wish that they not be let off the lead if this is the case the dog will be secured at all times.

Are you insured?
Yes, I am fully insured with public liability insurance with a few specifics for dog walkers.

What happens about cover for your holidays/Christmas etc….
I rarely holiday and im also available at Christmas time to carry on the service. If I am unavailable to perform the service due to illness or such a family member would do the walk for me but this shouldn’t be a common occurrence.




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